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I’m JP and Goforgrowth is the place where I put my thoughts on paper about fast growing tech companies that interest me. Most of them are listed on the ASX, and would be classified as “small caps” in investing lingo.

Why this, why now⌚ ?

I’ve been writing about these companies for 2 years now on private forums, and recently decided I would publish more of my work publicly. The hope is to get brutal feedback from you (don’t be easy on me in the comments), be kept accountable, and find more people that are forming part of the small (but fast growing) community that love learning from, and watching technology businesses create great products that will shape our future. 

I’ve worked in technology companies in sales leadership roles for the past 7 years. Now, as a full time founder, I’m starting the journey of forming my second business venture, so I will add flavour from my experience in the field.

What kind of community are we building here 🌍 ?

This newsletter and space will be for you if you are a ambitious investor looking to stress test your philosophy, tools, and principles for investing in small technology companies.

Additionally, I would love this community to involve people on the other side of the fence; founders dealing with the cold sweats and sleepless nights working on ideas that have the potential to change the world.

How often can you expect new articles?

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I will aim to post once or twice monthly. With a growing family and the lead role in my startup, I’m not sure how consistent I can be, so I will thank my subscribers upfront for adding a little motivation and accountability to the table. 


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I'm a founder and investor based in Sydney, Australia. I write about small, fast growing tech companies on the listed on the ASX.