Can’t wait to read Part Two JP on our Aussie potentials. FWIW, these are my observations from speaking to well over 100,000 SME’s owners in my career

The truly successful ones had these characteristics:

A focus on the outcome - not ego

Money was the scorecard - not the focus

Result was more important than activity

Clear thinking

Positivity & ability to shrug off negativity


Lastly, and this is always understated, nothings beats being in the right place at the right time with the right idea.

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Sorry should also have added this.

They take responsibility and accept accountability. Plus they are fearless. Many is the time I heard them say, I get paid last and only what is left over - often much less than their staff, but it did not deter them

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Your comments are also such quality Damien. It's so valuable to get insight from someone who's got so much experience in the field.

That's perfect one of the biggest benefits of writing these articles (which I had never imagined would happen).

I agree with all these lessons. I'm very much on the getting paid last train. Still working through the pain of having gone from a well paying job to a minimum salary to start my business. But, that's the price to pay to be doing exactly what you want!

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Happy to assist in any way JP.

email me bullfrog33@live.com.au

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