Thanks for the article, nice summary. Have listened to a number of YouTube/podcast that have featured Paul. He also like the company to be around 52 week high which kind of conflicts with his statement that these stocks can have 50% drawdowns. It also sounds like he turns over stocks if he find something “better” (that meets criteria). Do you run a similar criteria for your small cap list?

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Brilliant JP, just brilliant. I have a system, but it’s mainly focused on the financials, which by definition are backward looking. Good to see some practical guerrilla tactics on where to look. Love the adaption of “blood in the streets” to “no one in the streets”

What I do like about his philosophy is that his candidates are in the early stages of profitability - this takes the ‘theoretically brilliant’ to the fledgling ‘practically possible’ - a leap many never ever make.

One matter that wasn’t answered is how quickly these ‘baggers’ come home to roost. Sadly I am not one who can wait 20 years.

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